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Thanks to a legal loophole in the Maastrict Treaty establishing free trade within the European Community, we are able to sell direct, to you the Public, from Malta, where cocaine is a recognised pharmecutical. As long as it is all for your own consumption (i.e. not for resale), there is nothing Customs and Excise nor the Police can do.

Order in Safety!

You can order through our secure online server using the form below. Remember, the Cops can't do anything, this is perfectly legal and it would be an infringement of International Law to prevent anyone ordering using our services. Once your order is processed you will receive your delivery within 48 hours. P&p is included with your order.Once your order is processed you will receive an email with the our price offer, this is due to the fluctuating market which means that prices change on a daily basis. Once you agree to the price, you simply email the confirmation and your package will be dispatched.

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Crack (The only proper buzz available these days.)

Pure Refined Cocaine (The real thing! Cut it yourself.)


0.5 gram (Trial size, try our tester!)

5 grams (Regular)

20 grams (A good crackhead weekend)

100 grams (wreck your head)

1 kilo (wreck your life)

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All orders dispatched within two working days. All prices inclusive of VAT and carriage

What our customers said

Ah mate! It wuz custy, me head was chocker but the order came through. I was grabbing at the envelope off the postman La. Me mate Billy OD'd but i kept his gear. Rush me another 5 grams!" - David, Tower hill

Its great for weight loss, now i weight 4 stone and harldly ever eat, but crack rules, i gotta have another pipe so i'm down the back of TJ Hughes to earn enough for more. The 0.5 gram was spot on, i'm well impressed like.- Debbie, Croxteth

Me heads wrecked, i just come out of fazack hospital, went mental with the 100 gram deal, i think there's spiders crawling in my brain, how much is the Kilo?- Terry, Kensington

Great service, sold the Kilo no problem, thinking of opening up a few more outlets and will be placing another order as soon as possible. The quality was spot on, had at least 5 customers OD, and sold a lot more than usual. I never take it myself, thanks to all my customers for the new Jag! Mr Big Merseyside.

I'm wired mate, its custy gear and all that but me heads spinning, i'm rattling for a bit of brown, any chance of a bit of skag?- Battered Head, Southdene

Hey love, yer gears sound, do you wanna do me a 5 gram on the slate? I'll do the biz for free, me heads rattled, - Jolene - Back of TJ Hughes

Aaar matey Sorted rocks, know what i'm saying mate? Star trek Enterprise kidda - pure rock, mate, it was like, i smoked 5 gram and had to get more. Me heads absolutley fu**ing battered.Simon, Fazackerly Mental Ward