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Kirkby Times Games

Welcome to the Kirkby Times games! Here we will have a link to games as they come in, and we hope that we can lighten the load for the beleaguered shell shocked visitors to this website. The games are freely given out on the internet and can be customised to make them more local in some cases!

Any locals with the technical skills are invited to submit their own games.

Let the games commence!

Game No 1 - Send the Council to Hell and create your own webpage in the process! A truly unique opportunity for the residents of Kirkby and Knowsley to condemn some local political sinners to the 9 levels of Hell! - Lets Play!

Game No 2 - Click the Dots! - You need to be quick on the mouse to win this one. Office workers will have a head start. Can you beat the highest score? - Lets Play!

Game No 3 - Count the lines in the Kirkby spiral! Lets Play!

Game No 4 - A Kirkby crossword Lets solve this sucker!

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Right Then Jobseekers!
Right then Job Seekers!

Got a Funny Story about being drunk?
beer stories - if you can remember them

North/South Devide: Are Scousers Funnier?
he's sad cos he's a Cockney

UFO Horror in Nwood!
ufo terror in northwood kirkby - stop it NOW!!!!!!!

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