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Huyton New Deal for Communities and KHT (Dec 31 2003)

Sonae Dust - last day of 2003 - no change. (Dec 31 2003)

Today on December the 29th, I decided to check out the Sonae promises as articulated by the Liverpool Echo's scally like declaration that Sonae were 'SORTED'(29 Dec)

Sonae buy their own fire engine!(29 Dec 2003)

More Sonae lies! (Dec 29th 2003)

Sonae are 'Sorted!' According to the Echo! But we photograph fire engine at the factory a couple of days later! (Dec 28)

CNN in Hillsborough football Disaster slurs - CNN web-site tries to rewrite history (Dec 26)

Local man Kevin Sloan will be allowed out of prison tomorrow until Saturday 27th Dec. He'll be spending Christmas with His mum Eileen and sister Carla who is now living on the island; his first since his imprisonment by the Spanish authorities.(Dec 23)

A Christmas Message From Kirkby Times! (Dec 23)

Justice for Johnny Delaney (22 Dec)

Harleston Road & Quarryside Drive Christmas Decorations - it wouldn't be a Kirkby website without this! (Dec 21)

Kirkby Times can report that a local woman was punched in the face, robbed and then stabbed with a hypodermic syringe by Junkies in Westvale. The incident happened a few weeks back and was neither reported by the Echo or local radio.(Dec 18)

Southdene well and truly humped, by New Labour Council (Dec 18)

Spotlight on Mill Farm (Dec 16)

Two riding clubs for local children refused, dangerous C.O.M.A.H site given permission - more here. (Dec14)

There is a big fight looming in the St Michaels ward, Huyton. Due to the death of Fred Curran, Keight got nominated to stand in June 2004 - more rumours and gossip from Huyton here!(Dec 13)

In the letters page of the Liverpool Echo 4/ 12/ 03 A writer from Huyton extols the virtues of Keight, saying she gets free bus passes, free parking, and the lowest council tax on Merseyside thanks to Jim and his chums. PLUS - Keights last stand (Dec 13)

St Kevin's old cobbled pathway tore up. More culture destoyed by the Republic of Knowsley wrecking crew. We ask where has this piece of history gone to? (Dec 13)

Kirkby Times has once again been asked to look at the matter of St Chad's and the various acts of vandalism which are going on there. (Dec 13)

If Knowsley Council don't want anyone to know what they are up to, they deliberately hide important public announcements in small print in the sparsely read Liverpool Daily Post, always on a Saturday morning - more here (Dec 10)

"If you have any constructive or realistic alternative suggestions as to how this matter may be resolved I would be grateful if you could let me know" - George Howarth wants US to do his job for him! - more here! (Dec 09)

As Kirkby Times was closed down by New Labourites in Kirkby - Tony Blair kicked off another New Labour 'Cool Britannia' type of PR stunt by announcing a scheme called 'THE BIG CONVERSATION' - more here! (Dec 09)

Knowsley Housing Trust try to ban workers from tea breaks! - manager gives young apprentice written warning yet management back down when EVERY worker took a tea break at the same time. More here! (06 Dec)

After trying (unsuccessfully) to BAN Kirkby Times, we ask- Are Knowsley Council acting legally and within Council procedure? (03 Dec)

Kirkby Times has received a report which gives details of a recent SRB funded freebie in the form of a one day SRB related course in Newcastle. More here! (Dec 02)

The possible resurrection of Jim Keight's political career in the Republic Of Knowsley -more here! (30 Nov)

On the 28th of Nov 2003, my internet service provider, Blueyonder, informed me that they had had serious legal threats off Knowsley Council which led to Blueyonder, regrettably pulling the plug on Kirkby Times, but if your reading this - you know we are still up! - more here -(28 Nov)

Eddie O'Hara, MP for Knowsley South, and the unfounded allegations he made that were protected from the laws of libel by Parliamentary privilege. More here on this latest scandal from our scoundrels in Parliament (26 Nov)

Playing Monopoly with Knowsley Council and the Contractors. (24 Nov)

Towerhill residents get told demolition is on hold - plus - contractor and director of regeneration share same surname - co-incidence? (Nov 23)

Knowsley Primary Care Trust has decided to let the children of Knowsley poison themselves by putting fluoride in the milk given to school children. (Nov 22)

Lets do the Sonae Timewarp again - the Sonae Horror show continues - plus - is the dust mountain on fire again? (Nov 21)

A driver of a Glenvale Bus was kicked repeatedly in the head by three of the four teenagers involved in yet another attack on a bus driver in Southdene (Nov 21)

Readers will recall how Council taxpayers in Knowsley were cheated out of millions of pounds by the Liverpool academy land deal, reported on the 3/9/ 2003. Now following a major investigation the Kirkby Times can reveal the loss to the community is far greater than was previously reported. (Oct 17)

Does anyone know what's happening? Tower Hill community center has been shut down. 60 odd houses are being knocked down - and this is phase 1 of 3. So, could be 180 odd houses in all. More here! (Nov 17)

In Towerhill -No one wants to see communities ripped apart but residents need and should have a decent community to live in, at present they have not. More here. (Nov 17)

People who treat the elderly badly are the dregs of society. Frighteningly some of these people are allowed to care for the elderly in care homes. (Nov 16)

Shortly after being elected, Blair outlined the priority of his government as 'Education, education, education.' New Labour still has a goal of seeing 50% of all pupils going on to higher education. But the pressing question now is what of the other 50%? (15 Nov)

The misuse of SRB funds has been well documented on this site, as has the astonishing lack of accountability of those in control of the purse strings. More here! (Nov 14)

Jacko is one of Liverpool's characters. Many Scousers will know him or know of him. Jacko is one of the Street people who amuses and brightens up a dull day. Jacko uses a cardboard cut-out of a banjo to busk with in Liverpool City Center(Nov 14)

In Australia the distance a phone mast should be situated from residential areas is 500 Metres! But not in Kirkby, here it's 5 Metres or less. What the hell are Knowsley Council playing at in Westvale? (Nov 10)

Buried away on page 36 of the Daily Mirror on Friday Oct 31st 2003, was an article which was headed "Outrage as 21,800 OAP's Killed by Cold" As the politicians pretend to honour the War heroes on Remembrance Sunday - Kirkby Times asks why 21,800 are freezing to death? (Oct 09)

Shock as Residents in Towerhill have been informed that 69 properties may be demolished - plus a look at the devide between Kirkby and Huyton. (Nov 06)

George Howarth MP and more Sonae controversy. (Nov 05)

After the recent judgement against Sonae, Steve Tombs and Dave Whyte review the history of habitual offending at the plant (Nov 04)

KHT offer man his own flat in exchange for his own flat which is due to be demolished.Confused? - Knowsley Housing Trust certainly are - read more! (Nov 02)

National average earnings per household is 16,800 Average earnings per household in Kirkby is 11, 068 - more worrying statistics from Northwood here. (Oct 31)

Yet another Sonae worker in another serious accident in the Sonae plant in Kirkby Liverpool (29 Oct)

Local kids collecting pennies for the guy' were robbed of their takings by a gang of local youths in Kirkby Town Center. (29 Oct)

SRB Pen Pushers backtrack and use original idea by locals - this was OUR idea! Ex Sacred Heart Land plan for sports facility - plus MORE questions about SRB accountability.(28 Oct)

help little conor Hello! you don't know me, but hopefully when you hear my story, you will want to know me and try to help me out in some small way. (27 Oct)

Knowsley Council and the Police take 50 'socially vulnerable' kids to Alton Towers on Mischief night! more 'reward the bad' schemes? - plus local Scum in Huyton force KHT workers to have Police Protection. (Oct 23)

We all know were being ripped off senseless in the UK when we purchase children's clothes. A lot of parents in Kirkby struggle to keep up with the high prices charged for many clothes items, and training shoes are one of the biggest sellers. more here! (23 Oct)

Sonae workers wife informs us by e-mail that - "the saddo layabouts are all claiming mobility because of dreadful Sonae. Really? More here! (23 Oct)

Sonae on video - see the proof of the toxic pollution of Kirkby - now with audio. (Oct 22)

Old lady in Liverpool spends 9 years without visitors in Care Home - what the hell is happening to England? - plus more sad news as Annie Sanderson memorial vandalised and items stolen. (Oct 22)

Neil Turner Knowsley Environmental Protection admits Sonae dust is unacceptable. (Oct 18)

Swastika removed after KHT refuse to act. See the video of the swastika painted over - plus why KHT now owe a tenant 2.50 for paint.(Oct 18)

Cheif Constable in common sense shock - he wants to ban fireworks - most of us agree.Plus - the price paid by chinese school-kids in manufacturing fireworks. (Oct 18)

KHT said they were set to name and shame those individuals involved in anti-social behaviour on its estates - yet they ignore racist graffiti and then rush out to clean up graffiti which names and shames some-one guilty of the worse sort of anti social behaviour? (Oct 18)

Anyone passing Tempest's house shortly after dawn one summer morning in 1977 would have been struck by an ironic sight. A scene unlike any shown in Z-Cars. For detectives were arresting the great socialist for his part in a conspiracy which had systematically cheated the people of Kirkby - Labours corrupt past in Kirkby exposed (17 Oct)

Make false claim on housing benefit - Sentenced to 21 months in jail. Sexually Abuse young children and get off free - welcome to the United Kingdom of Sickness (15 Oct)

Knowsley housing Trust has admitted that tenants in blocks being decanted have been left without a Housing Officer.Plus -More KHT madness and also a smashed car outside councillors house (14 Oct)

The Kirkby Times can reveal that another ex con wields immense power inside the Sleaze ridden new labour party in Knowsley. Would you vote for a man who gave a glowing reference to a paedophile? (12 Oct)

Knowsley Housing Trust fiddle whilst Pensioners Flats burn - tenants forced to leave nearby houses - smoke ruins thousands of pounds worth of property.(11 Oct)

Knowsley Housing Trust - Delivering Promises? Watch our Video's showing appalling conditions still ignored - racist graffiti - even swasticas - and lights broke for 6 nights! (08 Oct)

Knowsley Housing Trust Dangers - On Video - With Audio - shows dangerous conditions being ignored by housing trust (07 Oct)

Let's move the Housing Officer and put a new one in - Knowsley Housing Trust with more stupid ideas PLUS left in the dark for 3 days - KHT ignore dangers to tenants. (06 Oct)

A Generation of Scousers will Dance on Maggie Thatcher's Grave! (and Blairs!)(04 Oct 2003)

Sonae Report Oct 2003 - New Shocking Evidence of pollution and more reasons for the Toxic Plant to be closed. Sonae use incinerator which isn't classed as an incinerator - plus - heavy metal pollution and much more!(04 Oct)

Sonae Polluters fined again -20,000 litres of wax emulsion spilled, wood dust pollution - 3rd Fine this Year!!!! (02 Oct)

A ultra loyalist of the old Knowsley dictator Kaiser Keight has vanished without trace. Huyton Councillor Charlie Preston, who once served 5 years for mugging a pensioner, has done a Lord Lucan on his chums who rule the council (Oct 01)

Interserve uses Workers Wage Slips to ask them to vote against strike (Sept 27)

IMPORTENT NOTE ABOUT PUBLIC MEETNG RE SONAE - IT'S NOT PUBLIC -more here plus a report on the pollution problem - again!(sept 26)

Residents in Kirkby will have seen the new blue Bins which will be delivered by Knowsley Councils workers over the next few days to all households in Kirkby. But have we got a good deal with the recycling? - plus Irish people JAILED for not paying 'bin tax'- could it happen here? (26 sept)

Sun Gutter rag replies to Kirkby Times E-mail (i only e-mailed to call them SCUM) - more here (26 Sept)

This week, residents in Kirkby, who cannot keep up the payments on their crippling council tax bills, have received letters from the council, threatening to commit them to prison, even before they have appeared in court! - more here (25 Sept)

Kirkby Recycling Group :A service to the Community Killed Off? Kirkby Times reveals how a vital service could be killed off by lack of support when funds are there.(25 Sept)

The Gutter Rag Sun (SCUM) Tabloid has put another nail into the coffin of its circulation figures by insulting the mentally ill in its latest outrage - Boycott the Scum and complain to the Press Complaints Commission - we show you how! - (23 Sept)

Only days after being situated in St Chad's, the vandals have already targeted the new wooden carvings by trying to burn the head off the Viking ship and also by scrawling with markers pens on all 3 carvings. PLUS Laddish 12yr old girls alert (22 Sept)

Both our MP's in Knowsley - Howarth and O Hara could well lose their respective Seats in 2005. 10 years ago Howarth and O Hara would have laughed at that suggestion - but not now - not anymore. (20 Sept)

Knowsley Councils new Unitary Development Plan 2003 - The Final Sell Off of our Town exposed (Sept 19)

In an act of revenge against Kirkby the old dictator of Knowsley (Kaiser Keight) ordered its abolition as a town after the 1992 boundary review. More here. (Sept 19)

Privatised School playing fields- Public keep out! - Ruffwood School plans made public (Sept 18)

The word rotten comes to mind when you say the words 'Knowsley Council', it makes your mouth go dry ,its as if you had just said the f*** word in the middle of a mass - more here! (Sept 18)

People of Kirkby help bank roll the new Anfield Stadium - the rip off continues - Liverpool make MASSIVE profits in mysterious land deal.(Sept 17)

Bustard's Blog - Councillor Robin Bustard - A Kirkby Councillors online diary - another comedy special! (Sept 16)

All Councillors to have own Website! Knowsley Tax Payers to foot massive bill! (15 Sept)

Knowsley Council admit computer mistake then threaten to use Bailiffs to recover 40.70 off tenant!(14 Sept)

Lowlife New Labour MP Frank 'the fuhrer' Field, tells our Pensioners to 'tone down demands' for more pension money!(Sept 13)

Job advert for Knowsley Council - Presented by Steve 'del-boy' Gallagher (Sept 13)

More school Fields to concreted over - Part of Ravenscroft Primary School Field in Tower Hill to be used for Health Centre (12 Sept)

Kirkby Times has mentioned the problem of parking outside the old Sacred Heart School, now Simonswood, and today on the 11 Sept 2003, the problem has grown noticeably worse since this website last reported on it.(11 Sept)

HGV Drivers Wanted - agency based in Warrington - can assist with accommodation - plenty of Work! (Sept 10)

Knowsley Council expenses - the scandal continues, BM O Hara of Huyton cashes in plus Southdenes Ted Grannell and F.A,.C.E, a failed scheme set up by Ted and others (Sept 10)

More stolen cars - cop reported punched by car theif - PLUS - new crime figures for Knowsley show Violent crime up 59% and Sexual Offences up 47% - New Labour Isn't working.(09 Sept)

A Letter to MR GALLAGHER our Chief Executive with some interesting questions and observations regarding the polluting Sonae factory (09 sept)

Kirkby Councillors Mr & Mrs KEATS and the St Kevin's sell Off - how the leaders of the 'save St Kevin's Field' campaign became councillors then sold it! - you could NOT make it up! (08 Sept)

2003/2004 Knowsley Council - 'Top of the Leeches' Charts!(06 Sept)

Kirkby Times saves local frog in mission of mercy. At last - an happy ending! (04 Sept)

Fireman punched in Southdene Kirkby. Fire Engine also attacked again (03 Sept)

Now Confirmed - Council taxpayers ripped off from Secret Land Deals (02 Sept)

Liverpool FC Academy Northwood Kirkby - updated report on the 'land deal of the century' - could land bought for an estimated 1 million be worth at least 55 Million?(02 Sept)

Northwood Residents and the proposed Rail Platform and extension (01 sept)

Knowsley Council Fat Cats - how our local councillors are too thick, guillable or paid off to question or prevent what's happening in Kirkby with the parasites who are bleeding us dry (30 Aug)

Knowsley Council lied through their teeth over the real motives to destroy the Sports Centre and Swimming Pool. This is just another stage in the asset stripping of Kirkby. More here! (30 Aug)

Knowsley Councils Chief Executives Appalling Excuse regarding Sonae Pollution. (28 Aug)

Knowsley Council Management decide its a great idea to award themselves a 15% payrise whilst hard pressed Council workers get 3.5%. King of the Knowsley Council leeches- Steve Gallagher bags a massive 135,513! (Aug 26)

Sonae responsible for the smell of wood dust all over Northwood Kirkby. Yes, again! (26 Aug)

Sonae's many vents were very active last night.(24th Aug 2003) This author rode his bike up there just before midnight and I was shocked at the amount of pollution - more. (25 Aug)

Knowsley Council in New Stadium Controversy(26 Aug)

Sonae closed down for approx one week or so - wood dust mountains build up (Aug 22)

An open letter to Mr Neil Turner of Knowsley Council environmental Dept regading Sonae (Aug 17)

Residents living in unbearable conditions fight against George Wimpey (16 Aug)

Alexi Sayle in Hillsborough Slur allegation (Aug 15)

3 years after a worker was killed on a Kirkby Building site - George Wimpey North West is fined 150,000 - a slap on the wrist - PLUS - we reveal what the Echo never reported (14 Aug)

Tribute to local man and local legend! - 'Gary Hesp' who died recentely (12 Aug)

New! - Sonae the Hedgehog - a Cartoon for kids of all ages (12 Aug)

Letter to George Howarth regarding Sonae (12 Aug)

Land at the back of empty tower blocks on Roughwood Drive is being used as an illegal dumping ground by an increasing number of people and firms.(08 Aug)

Northwood Residents polluted by dust from St Kevin's building works - inside of house coated with layer of dust! (08 Aug)

Sonae are blatantly polluting the local environment and community with wood dust, and now we find that new research in Australia shows that wood dust causes cancer.(07 Aug)

Sonae: It's not just the Chimney's fumes we need to Worry about - we photograph the fumes coming from the vents on Sonae's roof (07 Aug)

Thousands of tons of building spoil being dumped at the end of Simonswood Lane - is it a 'sound barrier' in preparation for the rail link to Sonae? (06 Aug)

We are informed by UK Customs and Police that in the next few months a glut of cheap Afghanistan heroin is set to hit the streets. This is bad news for a Town like Kirkby already hit hard by heroin addiction.New Labour have failed completely to address the issue in Kirkby - read more (03 Aug)

Knowsley Council solicitor said in Nov 2002 that "the contract with United Utilities was being severed next May" It's now August 2003 - is the contract severed with the UK's worse polluters of our Water? (02 Aug)

Could YOU be a local magistrate? - if you live in the Knowsley area you can apply. More here.(02 Aug)

Northwood SRB funds - were they used legally in funding the Shops project in Kirkby Town Centre? (01 August)

Roughwood wild flowers - after looking nice for a short while its now looking like a litter dump - more here (28 July)

Coca Cola implicated in the murder of Trade unionists at Coca Coca bottling plants - should we boycott Coca Cola products? (27 July)

Hillsborough Justice Campaign in legal moves - 'memorial' ready to present to the Attorney General.(22 July)

Hillsborough Justice Campaign to move to new premises(22 July)

Kirkby Heroin Addict who stole Annie Sandersons pension book, as she lay dead , is given 10 months Jail(July 21)

News update on the Knowsley Primary Care Trust and its cosy marriage to the rotten New Labour Knowsley Council plus The Health Visitor and the Schedule One Sex Offender AND Ex Knowsley Councillor jailed for sexual offences against a young child (July 20)

Blair lies over Iraq War become more blatant by the day - plus, the strange death of David Kelly (20 July)

Juice FM in Sun outrage (18 july)

Gang fights in the streets - Another day another fight! Is violence becoming more common? It seems that way (16 July)

Hatfield Rail Disaster - Jail the Bosses - the only way to get Justice (15 July)

Northwood SRB Funds, where's all the money gone? - how many jobs has the Millions of pounds bought us? more here in a special report.(11 July)

Sonae, The Church of England, the Duke of Westminster,Miss Rosemary Hawley, KATS and Knowsley Primary Care Trust.(July 10)

Newspaper delivery boys and girls are being exploited - you won't read that in the papers, you will here! (07 July)

Sonae wood dust mountains - are they affecting our health? - we say too right they are - PLUS - new to the photo gallery - Sonae Wood Dust Mountains Gallery.(July 05)

A meeting regarding Sonae was held recently and one of Kirkby Times correspondents was invited to the meeting after pressurising Knowsley Councils Neil Turner the head of Knowsley Environmental Health and Local MP George Howarth on the issue of Sonae. More here. (05 July)

Merseyside schoolboy, aged 11, kills himself after being bullied - plus - the BEST web-site in the UK for bullying related issues is linked to.(04 July)

Are you being robbed at the petrol or diesel pumps? read this if you want to save a few pennies (2 July)

Kids smash up classroom in Roughwood School (01 July)

Local School burgled (again) plus credit union robbed (again)(30 June)

Car robbers get ambitious and steal a bus.(28 June)

Maternity Ward in Aintree Hospital, formerly Fazackerley Hospital , opened in 1969, is to be closed. How long are we going to let them push us around? (28 June)

Kill a 12 yr old child in hit and run - you get a fine and a 12 months ban from driving.(27 June)

Hit and run scumbag knocks over 3 yr old child as he hold mums hand.(26 June)

More Stolen Cars set on fire (25 June 2003)

St Kevin's Field destroyed, plus, dangers on the building site itself.(22 June)

Billy Butler opens Northwood House beaurocrats garden 'open day' - we ask was he paid out of SRB funds meant to tackle local poverty? AND report on the appalling lack of publicity this event received.(14 June)

Billy Butler interviews some of the people involved with Northwood House: Do they make sense? - check out their appalling answers to Butlers appalling questions.(13 June) Article removed

Dead Fish and Chipboard: A play about Toxic Sonae (13 June)

John Kamara: An innocent man who carried the can - Liverpool man wrongly convicted, now freed, is interviewed by Kirkby Times (12 June)

Kirkby Town Centre infested by rats! (12 June)

Knowsley Housing Trust put billboard up in local woods to brag how 'great' they are, 24hrs later, the billboard is gone - did it have planning permission ?(12 June)

Kirkby Times in apology! - an article regarding the wildflowers planted in Roughwood Woods called it 'vandalism', oops - PLUS a photo gallery of the wildflowers. And a warning regarding the decimation of Butterflies in Kirkby(12 June)

Local man speaks out against Sonae (11 June)

George Howarth and the 'tricky' Sonae situation (9 June)

The Falklands Deception: Article looking at how we went to war to save the politicians necks. Over 1000 young men killed in a war which need not have happened.(4 June)

Sonae Chimney Extension gets Go Ahead - Knowsley Council put profits before the people, again! (01 June)

After threatening to sue Kirkby times, The Accident Group sacks two and a half thousand of its own workers by text message and goes up against the wall.(31 may)

75 year old severly disabled pensioner robbed in Park Road sheltered housing(Anchor Housing), news unreported by local media,plus a 40 a Month rent increase!, we ask serious questions to those who are supposed to protect our pensioners.(30 May)

George Howarth MP accused on betting law proposal, is Howarth helping William Hill Bookmaker make even more money?, plus, check his appalling record in voting on important issues.(26 May)

Top UK Libel and defamation lawyers may sue Kirkby Times on behalf of The Accident Group - more here! (23 May)(they failed!)

Toxic Sonae fined again for almost killing another worker. Management failed completely to oversee safety procedures. What's new we ask? (19 May)

Burglar Alert Northwood Area. Watch out for these scumbags. (18 May)

Annie Sanderson: How did a vulnerable 80 yr old woman get left in a hellhole of a Tower Block? We ask the questions Knowsley Council and Knowsley Housing Trust and others must answer, sooner or later.(17 may)

Scum charged with theft of dead pensioner Annie Sandersons benefit books, caught trying to cash them red handed. Family says its possible pensioner was frightened to death.(May 12)

Praise for the last of a magnificent generation,we salute the pensioners and look at how the politicians have betrayed them.(May 12)

88 Yr old Woman terrorised by scum in Westvale, has heart attack after campaign of harrasment. Lets nail these lowlife.(12 May - incident occured 6th May)

80 Year old Woman found dead in suspicious circumstances in Kirkby Tower Block. (10th May)

Traffic light dangers on our roads, our old folk and children only have 15 seconds to cross the road, see the video shot at the traffic lights on Hall Lane. (May 9th)

Andrew Kernan: The cover up begins - CPS back Merseyside police in the shooting of a mentally ill man (08 May)

Background on Keights successor Cllr Ronnie Round, age 66 and they call him new blood ! Ronnie, AKA Ronnie Roundabout, has done the dirty on Kirkby, we dig the dirt on him! (08 May)

Ted Grannel,local Councillor and the mobile phone mast lies.(6 May)

New garden Waste recycling scheme takes off (May 6)

Knowsley Council Exposed: Part Two in the series which lays bare the secrets of Knowsley Council!(6 May)

Local child knocked off bike by car, thankfully unhurt, plus a look at the danger on our roads. (05 May)

How the murder of a young 14 yr old boy from Huyton in 1996 ultimately led to Jim Keights defeat 8 years later by the lads step father. Fred Fricker's story is one that gives us hope. (4th May)

Jim Keight still haunts Councils website, plus: Keep him away from confidential information! He may try to run the show still! (4th may)

Josh Weaver: Leading Goalscorer for Kirkby Primary Schools, plus: sports section coming soon! (2 May)

Jim Keight, Knowsley Council Leader, or EX Council Leader, is voted out! Great news for the people of Kirkby! (May 2nd)

Local election special: A look at the BNP vs New Labour contest and where the Far Right stand today in the UK and Europe (1st May)

Local Tower Blocks to be demolished, Kirkby Times pressure helps keep Knowsley Housing Trust in line!(May 1st)

Local man on ventilator in critical condition after vicious beating by scooter thieves in Southdene (28th April)

Kevan Sloan Appeal turned down By Spanish Judges - George Howarth sits on the fence as per usual (April 25th)

Hillsborough and Dixie Dean memorials vandalised. Is nothing sacred anymore? (21 April)

European Capital of Culture bid: Parasites on the make again! (17 April)

Hillsborough, the Iraqi Information minister, MI5, the Sun, and Trevor Hicks (16 April)

Knowsley Council Exposed, Part one: A great new series of hard hitting inside whistle-blowing on Knowsley Council! (15th April)

Hillsborough Football Disaster - 14th Anniversary: A few thoughts, a look at the future, and what's Clair Sweeney doing in the Sun Newspaper, on today, of all days. (15th April)

Northwood House Beaurocrats waste more money on their own personal garden, and deny local kids a play area and space for football! (14th April)

Download your new Anti-Sun, anti-Murdoch dartboard!.(13th April)

Kirkby BNP candidate has his say on Kirkby Times (13th April)

Translator for Swiss RE re insurers slags off Kirkby and makes Hillsborough slur. (13th april)

First jobs for Iraq appear in Liverpool Echo. (10 April)

Whilst were gloating over Saddam's Palaces being 'liberated'. what about the Palaces and Mansions in the UK?, are they now 'fair game' to be 'liberated'? (8th April)

British national Party to contest Council seat in local elections. (04 April)

January news round up (news in short)(30 march)

USA hypocrisy over Geneva convention and POW's (23 March)

First Photo of Iraq civilian Victim of the War (22 March)

The War Starts: A personal view of why UK troops are wrong to fight in this war: + Why the Army is a mercenary force. (21 March)

Who is the 'Coalition of the Willing'? Check this out...... (21 March)

Schoolkids in anti War Protests block Liverpool Roads. (20 March)

War on Iraq Begins 20th March 2003.

Is Knowsley still a Nuclear free Zone, we find the Council avoiding answers to serious questions (19 March)

Community targeted by charity or con-men. Charity for the Blind? or some low-lifes robbing the community? (19 March)

Operation Arizona and Drugs in Kirkby and Knowsley. The Honest report on drugs in Kirkby, not spindoctored crap from Knowsley Council. (19 March)

Community Police patrol Kirkby, plus, Motorbike menaces back again, check it out! (19 March)

Stop the War (19 March 2003)

Israel Kill Peace Campaigner. Whilst thousands of young men prepare to kill in Iraq, this brave girl tried to save lives (18 March)

Would you grass a neighbour up to the DWP? (16 March)

Kirkby Credit Union or Credit Companies, what's the best deal for Locals? (09 March)

Paedophiles, a common sense approach to the problem for the community? Check it out. (March 08)

Anti war protests hit schools, Kirkby's kids may strike against the War (05 March)

The Sick Cult of Celebrity worship and the Daily Mirror (04 March)

Knowsley Housing Trust in response to leaflet. (01 March)

Northwood Residents Association collapses with vote of no confidence, wheres the money gone?, Plus, the Northwood SRB partnership Board, we name the members.(feb 25th added late)

Weapons discovered in Roughwood School,includes Machete, Hatchet, and BB Guns. (28 Feb)

Sonae Fined for almost killing worker, shut these Toxic Lowlife Down! (26th Feb)

Schoolkids in Gang Wars. All Saints and Roughwood schoolkids attacked. Gang of 150 take to the streets (26th Feb)

Knowsley Housing Trust Feb Photo update. Check out what KHT have so far achieved! (23 Feb)

Knowsley Housing Trust and the 'self cleaning windows'(Feb 16)

A Short History of Kirkby(feb 13)

RIP James Bulger. (12 Feb 2003) No news story.

Sonae, more Black Smoke, video and photo evidence.(feb 11th)

Road Humps: Are they Killing more people than they save? The Answer is disturbing. If they are lying on this, what else are they lying over? (10 Feb)

Needle stick injuries, a personal account (Feb 9)(Article Removed)

Kirkby Club Burns: The old Liberal Club in Southdene this time, download a full sized photo. (6th Feb)

88 year old local pensioner burgled. Catch this lowlife. (30th Jan)

Knowsley Councilors allowances, A league table of all the usual suspects. Not all our Councilors are leaches, but some really are taking the Mickey. Check out the greedy councillors.(23 Jan)

St Kevin's Field Sell Off: Football teams given One Last year plus Damning evidence of Kirkby Councillors getting finacial rewards for voting for the sell off. Smoking gun Evidence Provided.(23 Jan)

Another attack on our Bus drivers. Broad Lane again. Plus, a look at the new moblile prison nicknamed 'The tank' by the Police. Also, Chief Constable with some dubious advice.(22 Jan)

Website in James Bulger Slur. They think its funny, please join our email campaign to stop it. Hillsborough slur included for good measure. Plus, a look back at the Guardian newspaper and Observer with their own vicious comments. (21 Jan)

Sonae Chimney: Council backtrack, now 'steam' is 'smoke' and there's doubts regarding the proposed 85 meter high chimney will be built. (20 Jan)

Local lowlife take goose from Garden of rememberance and spear it on railings. (Jan 19)

Kirkby Times Stolen Car gallery: Online Now! (Jan 18)

More late news, 6 stolen cars cause damage and the usual nightmare for tenants. (Jan 17)

Bus driver Attacked in Broad Lane(Jan 17)

Merseyside Woman Brenda Wynne ,63, Killed for 13 (16 Jan)

Duncan Fergusan may be charged for tackling burglar, plus a look at Norfolk Farmer Tony Martin in Jail for defending himself. (16 Jan)

Rap Music to blame for shootings? Is all White music just love ballads? Read this report on guns, drugs, music and why David Blunkett is off his trolley.(Jan 13)

Knowsley Housing Trust Tenants Agreement: We reveal that Trust is breaking promises and its own obligations as set out in the agreement.(Jan 12)

Greenbank Rapist: Should he get Life meaning Life?. Also a worrying look at rape statistics and conviction rates. Plus a mention of a Paedophile possibly still at large here.(Jan 10)

Guns and Drugs, More Drug Wars in Liverpool (8th Jan)

Sun Newspaper in Partnership with Liverpool FC (Jan 6)

Sun Newspaper in desperate attempt to win readers in Kirkby (Jan 6)

Sonae New Year, more black clouds, more pollution, they must be stopped! (Jan 3)

An Unhappy New Year for Sonae Factory. Kirkby Times hosts the new video and MP3 by Sonae Hate Brigade!

2002 News Items Below

Knowsley Housing Trust's laughable response, Knowsley Council set snoopline up for benefit cheats, we expose real cheats in the Council!

Merseyside Man in bid to die. Assisted suicide in Switzerland due to backward UK Law.

Welcome to World War Three.

Quarry Green Seniors versus Juniors Annual Football Match. Was the Ref bribed?

Dixie Dean Memorial Attacked (late news)

Car set alight in Driveway.Dangerous incidents of arson on the increase.

A Christmas Message, alternative to the Queens Speech!

Frank Clark responds to Kirkby Times article criticising Mollywood Academy.

Sonae Protest Song: Controversy as local band's first single calls for Sonae manager to be hung!

Knowsley Housing Trust: Check out our report and Video of living conditions

Sonae Formaldehyde danger, are we being misled? (Dec 16th 2002)

Knowsley Housing Trust: Threats to Tenants, Racist graffiti ignored, and a Wall of Silence.

Liverpool FC's Academy Land Deal, plus the case of the missing I.T. Center.(13th Dec 202)

Toxic Sonae want to to Build Chimney taller. Knowsley Council think its a good idea.(Dec 12th)

Toxic Sonae Dust Pollution, Video Evidence and photographs.Dec 10th.

Rats spotted by local residents. Housing trust must act.

Kirkby Times in Demented Poison Pen Leaflet attack. Police informed.

Sonae Report By Knowsley Primary Care Trust a Whitewash

Local Beaurocrat Dick Tracey loses Job! New Pen Pusher to get 40K a year!

Free Computer Scheme: Local Beaurocrat Dick Tracey losing grip on reality?

'Mollywood' Academy:150,000 SRB Funds well spent?

Would you rise for the Lord mayor of Knowsley?

Local people fined for Knowsley Councils negligence and criminal environmental activities

Jim Keight Awarded medal off Germans

Rupert Murdochs News International have contract to print Kirkby Extra and Knowsley Challenge.

Boycott The Sun 'News'Paper,now they accuse Firemen of Deaths. We remember they accused Liverpool fans in 1889. SCUM.

The Accident Group, Ban these menaces from our streets!

Toxic Sonae Still on Fire: Pollution gets worse

Kirkby Fire Fighters: Best of Luck for the Strike

Knowsley Housing Trust Negligence: New Regime, little Change.

More Stolen Cars, photo's and story.

Firefighters Out On Strike 6.00pm 13th Nov.

Sonae Wood Dust Mountain fire gets worse, Video and photo's to view (12/11/02)

Maria Eagle Avoids Rubbing Shoulders with Claimants as she opens New Job Center

Sonae Dust Mountain Still on fire! Photo's and video

Sonae Back up to there Secretive Polluting Ways. Massive Fire not reported.

Local Beaurocrats Commision Report: 183 Pages of ****

Tower Block Burns, Tenants In Appalling conditions.

Paedophile Attack on local Child.

Unemployed Centre's. A Shock Report on Kirkby and Liverpool's Left (Article Removed)

Kirkby's New Job Center, Exclusive!

Why Dialling 999 is a Joke in this Town.

Local Fields Tore Up to build Wild Flower garden!(Article Removed)

Sonae Pollution, Video Proof and Photo's of Black Smoke.

Local Beaurocrats fund Girl/Boy Band Check it out!

Murder in Kirkby: Sentencing a Joke?

Kirkby in Massive CCTV Surveillance Experiment.

Toxic Sonae Pollute Local Football Players.

Jim Keight loses debate with Kirkby Times reporter!

Kevin Dooley Kirkby Solicitor Struck Off. KT investigate's.

River Alt Polluted By Raw Sewage 10th Sept 2002 Photo's and Story.

New Anti War Section Begins: Say NO to War on Iraq.

New Political Links Section, please visit this section.

Stolen Cars: Problem Gets Worse.

Kopites May be arrested for standing up at Anfield!

Sonae Chimney Back On Wed 21st August 2002 Latest report and photo's.

Kirkby's 'In shops':30% rise in Rent! this and more, here!

Great New Anti Sonae Poster Gallery, Down-load your toxic Sonae posters!

Sonae Chimney still Off!, What's going on? here

Jim Keight: Visit the Special Kirkby Times Cartoon gallery! here

Living under the shadow of death: New Insane plan by Council on Industrial estate

Paedophiles in Kirkby, Should we name them?

Toxic Sonae chimney not working? exclusive!

Kirkby's Cycle Lane to Hell, News and Photo's here!

Ex Sacred Heart Church Land,some question's and criticism for Church.

All Saints School Field Destroyed here

'Yuppie's' invade Merseyside!!!

Another Damning Sonae report here

Sonae Pollution worse than ever! download a short video here!

Sonae back Open 27-July 2002(RIP Democracy)

Liverpool FC Academy, How did they get the land so cheap?

New Photo Kirkby Gallery's! see them all!

Save The Hedgehogs, Please Support this Issue here

Visit the Kirkby, Mc Donalds, Mc Rubbish Gallery here

Justice For Andrew Kernan(RIP, 1st Anniversery 12th July 2002)

Knowsley Council Spindoctors Caught Out

Motor Bike menace.Updated with Photo's

Tower Blocks-No Repair Funds From New Housing Association

Prostitution, does it affect Kirkby? find out!

Latest Sonae News item (Short history of Sonae)

Toxic Sonae In trouble yet again

Sonae May Go! Could be good news!

Knowsley Council Sonae Survey a Joke!

Sonae Pollution ongoing Incident: Rivers Poisoned

Sonae Dust Mountain. see it!

Free Cable TV Scheme in Nwood, Questions asked. Answers hard to get

Council To Spy on Emails. Snooping in Kirkby!

Are Knowsley Council Acting Legally?

Local Scumbag MP in Sun Freebie exclusive Report

Toxic Sonae Explosion,Worker Seriously injured,Factory Closed

2 Car Crashes in 24 hr's. Stories plus exclusive photo's!

Where do the Children play?

Riding the Local Gravy Train

Free Kevan Sloan, A Miscarridge of Justice

Drugs in Kirkby, A Case for Legalization?

Mobile Phone Masts,Council gamble with your health

Life in a Tower Block ,A shocking Tale

Chief Constable Norman Cover Up Bettison to Stay

CCTV, a Spy in the Community?

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